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Business Plan - Level III (Private Investors)

Angel or Private Investors Business Plan
Specially designed to attract Private, Angel, or Venture Capital Investors

Service Overview:
The Level III Business Plan is a full color 25-30-page document, crafted to address the complex issue of raising equity investment from private parties, angel investors, venture capitalists or strategic alliances. Additionally, this level of business plan provides considerable scope and analysis of the market, competition, products or services offered, and the target customer. It also includes 5+ years of financial projections most private investors require to calculate their potential return on investment. As with all our premium services, the Level III Business Plan is written by experienced Senior Level Business Plan Specialist with 10+ years of small business consulting experience and MBA level education.

Additionally, we offer specialized business plan expertise in the Los Angeles County small business market. Don't waste your time writing a business plan that will take you over 60+ hours to complete. Let our professional business plan writing team at LABusinessConnect.com take care of it for you.

This Plan Includes: (See Below for Detailed Service Descriptions)

  • Executive Outline and Financial Summary
  • Company Operational Structure
  • Management Team and Shareholder Description
  • Product or Service Description
  • Market and Industry Analysis
  • Marketing Plan with Key Objectives
  • Description of Market Need & Fulfillment
  • In-depth Target Market Identification
  • 5-year Planning Model & Sensitivity Analysis
  • 5-year Financial Projections with Investor ROI and Valuation Tables
  • Multi-Scenario Integration, and Varying Assumption Tables
  • Exit Strategy
  • Three printed and bound copies
  • Power Point Presentation (Optional)

Time of Completion: 28 Business days

Service Price Range: $1,200 - Open

In order to ensure that you are satisfied with our business plan service, after final submittal we offer up to 2 weeks of business plan revisions at no additional cost.

Detailed Service Description

Business Plan Specialist:The role of the business plan specialist is to oversee all aspects of the business plan writing process. Individual project responsibilities range from: market research, writing, financial projections, editing, customer service, and more. In order to ensure the high quality of the business plan, all business plan specialist have numerous years of small business consulting experience and MBA level education.

Executive Summary: A Level III Business Plan is similar in structure to the Level II, but several significant differences make this type of business plan "investor worthy." A core difference is the executive summary. A Level III executive summary is meant to be used in conjunction with the business plan, or created to be a separate document to gain the interest of the investor. The Level III Business Plan's primary function is to be a teaser or "elevator pitch." It is meant to pique the interest of any type of investor before they read your entire business plan.

In-Depth Research: The second major difference of the Level III Business Plan is the scope of research within the document. While a bank focuses primarily on simple geographic data, an investor is usually impressed by a business plan that takes national and international industry trends into account. The LABusinessConnect.com team digests all materials that are relevant to your industry and market. Our goal is to paint a picture of the present and future of your business and the space it operates in.

Expanded Financial Projections: A crucial element of the Level III Business Plan is its financial projections. These pro forma financials have to be calculated over a period of five years - not three years like a bank-ready document. They also have to show a lucrative return on investment that is based in reality. Factors such as the price-to-earnings ratio of similar companies are used to come up with a realistic model for your investor. Most importantly, a strong set of financial projections will allow you to calculate an educated investment proposition, or projected valuation of your company; this leads us to our next differentiating factor.

Investment Proposition: The investment proposition is an important piece of information that helps you pitch and strike an attractive deal with an investor. The investment proposition uses projected future earnings to calculate the share of the company you should expect to give up in exchange for the capital you are looking for.

A Level III Business Plan covers everything needed to help you find the money that will allow you to launch or expand your business. This level of business plan can also be used in conjunction with an investor to acquire a small business loan for your company.

Three printed and bound copies: Presentation is important with any business plan. All finalized business plans are printed in color and bound to give it a professional feel. Three printed and bound copies are delivered to convey both the writing and strategic aspects of your business plan.