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Business Plan - Level I (Strategic Plan)

Strategic Business Plan
Specially designed to assist Start-up and Expanding businesses get on the right track to making a profit

Service Overview:
The Level I Business Plan is a full color 20-25 page, affordable, quick, and professionally written strategic business plan. This level of business plan outlines the steps and strategies that your Start-up or Expanding business needs in order to become a profitable and successful venture. It covers core-strategic needs of early stage and growing businesses. The business plan includes: financial projections and charts, cash flows, profit and loss, balance sheet, and more. As with all our premium services, the Level I Business Plan is written by our experienced Business Plan Specialist with numerous years of small business consulting experience and MBA level education.

Additionally, we offer specialized business plan expertise in the Los Angeles County small business market. Don't waste your time writing a business plan that will take you over 60+ hours to complete. Let our professional business plan writing team at LABusinessConnect.com take care of it for you.

This Plan Includes: (See Below for Detailed Service Descriptions)

  • Your own Business Plan Specialist
  • Executive Summary
  • Company Operational Structure
  • Management Team Description
  • Product or Service Description
  • Market and Industry Analysis
  • Marketing Plan
  • 3-year Financial Projections
  • Three printed and bound copies
  • Power Point Presentation (Optional)

Time of Completion: 14 Business days

Service Price Range: $799 - Open

In order to ensure that you are satisfied with our business plan service, after final submittal we offer up to 2 weeks of business plan revisions at no additional cost.

Detailed Service Description

Business Plan Specialist: The role of the business plan specialist is to oversee all aspects of the business plan writing process. Individual project responsibilities range from: market research, writing, financial projections, editing, customer service, and more. In order to ensure the high quality of the business plan, all business plan specialist have numerous years of small business consulting experience and MBA level education.

Executive Summary: Every good business plan must have a solid Executive Summary. We pay particular attention to constructing an Executive Summary that properly portrays your business, its goals, the market, and key managers. An Executive Summary must also concisely portray the goal of the document, contain financial Pro Forma highlights, illustrate the company's goals, and establish key objectives of the near and distant future. Every business plans specialist takes the creation of the Executive Summary as a personal matter. Our consultants create a synthesis between writing expertise and clear insights into your business.

Company Operational Structure: In order to properly convey the company operational makeup, we create a definite plan for your company structure. The Level I Business Plan company operational structure offers your readers a quick glimpse into start-up costs and expenses or a thorough view of an existing company's financial history. The company operational structure also conveys the legal registration of your company, ownership structure, and location of operations.

Management Team Description: Understanding the makeup of your current management team is essential to ensure that all future management needs will be met. This is highlighted by matching current management team experience to company needs. With a detailed management team description you can better understand if hiring additional management is essential for the growth of your business.

Product or Service Description: If you don't sell a product or service, chances are you don't need a business plan. We believe that a thorough description of your company's products and services can be the difference between a "plan that succeeds" and "a plan that fails." We take your entrepreneurial passion for your products and services seriously. Your business plan will properly convey your products and services in a series of streamlined paragraphs, highlighted by concise bullet-points. Your reader will know exactly what services you provide, what products you sell, and how you will deliver them.

Market and Industry Analysis: Here's where a business plan gets really tricky. Individuals don't often know where to begin when asked, "What is the market for your product?" or "How big is the industry you're in?" These are not easy tasks for an entrepreneur, even if you are an expert. That's why we have several in-house market and industry analysis experts, and subscribe to dozens of information websites and databases. We spread the cost and confusion of industry research across several people and sources. The end result is a perfect synopsis of the current market for your products and services.

Marketing Plan: Marketing is as old as the pyramids, but in the 21st century, it's more confusing than ever! Will you use sponsored ads, SEO, email blasts, direct mail, CRM, PR, guerilla marketing, outdoor advertising, lead generation, or the literally thousands of other forms of marketing? And who will these marketing mediums impact? Our marketing planning team is led by individuals with years of experience, formal education, and unqualified success writing marketing and promotional details for start-ups, ongoing businesses, and large corporations. We have insight into marketing small businesses, and we understand the trends affecting today's economic landscape.

3-Year Financial Projections (Pro Forma): Our Masters of Business Finance (MBA) consultants will help you build a projected model of your company's financial future. A Level I Business Plan gives you everything you need to illustrate how much money you will make and even how you will pay your employees. Our Level I Business Plan comes with detailed financial projections including: the Break-even Analysis, Projected Profit & Loss, Projected Balance Sheet and Projected Cash Flow.

Three printed and bound copies: Presentation is important with any business plan. All finalized business plans are printed in color and bound to give it a professional feel. Three printed and bound copies are delivered to convey both the writing and strategic aspects of your business plan.